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Waarom is een PVC-vloer de meest geschikte keuze voor natte ruimtes?

Keukens, badkamers en toiletruimtes zijn ruimten die gevoelig zijn voor spetters, water, vetvlekken en vocht. Maar het zijn ook ruimtes waar veel verschillende mensen op meerdere momenten van een dag komen. Hygiëne is dus van vitaal belang en daarom moeten deze vloeren ook eenvoudig te reinigen zijn. 

Easy cleaning 

 There is no need to worry about your bathroom or kitchen floor getting dirty, because PVC floor coverings have the advantage of being easy to clean. All it takes is a broom or vacuum cleaner, a mop and some soapy water to get the floor looking pristine and clean.

Delivering the ultimate in resistance

PVC floors are strong and ultra-resistant. They are capable of withstanding every onslaught that your wet areas face every day, such as dropped knives, flying sponges, slippery soap bars, mould caused by stagnant water and ketchup splashes on the floor. Our floors can shrug off the harshest treatment without batting an eyelid...

Unrivalled impermeability

Don't worry about spilling liquids on your floor, because our collections are perfectly waterproof and suitable for every situation! Thanks to their thick wear layer*, which delivers improved resistance to impacts and scratches, our floor coverings are extremely hard-wearing and will not let any water seep through.

*The wear layer is generally between 0.20 and 0.55 mm thick, which protects against impacts and shocks, and prevents any water ingress.

Comfortable to walk on

Ceramic tiles are often cold and slippery. As a floor covering, they lack flexibility and are not very comfortable or pleasant to walk on. With a PVC floor, there is absolutely no comparison...

At home, we tend to walk around barefoot or in socks, so it is important for the floor to be comfortable, soft and warm. This is where a PVC floor covering will prove to be the perfect ally. Quite simply, it will improve your quality of life! Say goodbye to your slippers or putting on two pairs of socks... PVC floors are always at room temperature. If you go for this type of floor, you will never get cold feet again.

An endless choice of designs

Vinyl also has the advantage of coming in a wide variety of designs, finishes and colours to suit all types of home interiors. 

Whether you are looking to create a Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist or contemporary interior, we are sure that you will find the ideal floor covering meeting all your needs and desires. Our range of PVC floor coverings also includes finishes that perfectly imitate different materials, such as waxed concrete, parquet flooring, cement tiles and much more. 


Go for a new floor covering that is compatible with your home's wet areas. You can choose a design from our ranges of floor rolls, such as Booster, Primetex, Texline, HQR and Loftex. You can also opt for tiles and planks from the Senso and Virtuo ranges*, except for the TopSilence Design product which is not suitable for wet areas*. 



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